Mark Tami MP Supports Campaign to Increase Numbers on the Stem Cell Register

Mark Tami MP is supporting the Anthony Nolan campaign to get more people aged between 16-30 to sign up to the stem cell register. Statistics sent from the Anthony Nolan charity has found that there are 484 people in Alyn & Deeside who have signed up to the register making the constituency 525th out of […]

Mark Tami MP to Speak at Prestigious Medical Conference

Mark Tami MP for Alyn & Deeside has been asked to speak at the 5th Biennial Sheffield Meeting on the long term effects of cancer treatment on patients. The Alyn & Deeside MP who is speaking at the event on Friday will be opening the Anthony Nolan session and discussing the post treatment experience that […]

Mark Tami MP nominates Bengal Dynasty for the Tiffin Cup to find the best South Asian Restaurant in the Country

Mark Tami MP has nominated the Bengal Dynasty in Shotton to take part in the prestigious Tiffin Cup competition to find the best South Asian Restaurant in the country. The competition which is in its 9th year aims not only to applaud the quality of South Asian food but also raise money for charity and […]

More Working People Require Housing Benefit Due to Cost of Living Crisis

The number of working households who are claiming housing benefit has increased by a staggering 56% since May 2010 in Flintshire. The cost of living crisis has left hundreds of working people relying on housing benefit to help pay their bills. Working people are now an average £1600 a year worse off as wages have […]

Mark Tami MP Supports Campaign to Check for the Warning Signs of Heart Problems in Babies

Mark Tami MP is supporting the ‘Think HEART’ campaign which tells parents of the warning signs of possible heart problems in babies. The campaign run by the Children’s Heart Federation highlights the five signs to spot a heart problem. H – Heart Rate (Is their heart rate too fast or too slow. Normal rate is […]