Mark Tami MP urges Constituents to ‘Get Ready for Winter’

Mark Tami, Member of Parliament for Alyn & Deeside, has met with British Gas regarding steps that can be taken to enable households to get ready for winter.

Mark Tami MP said, “I know that many people worry about the cost of fuel bills during the winter months and I have met with British Gas to see what steps can be taken to help customers with high fuel bills this winter.”

“In the long run I believe that there needs to be proper reform of the energy market so that it works for consumers and whilst this reform takes place I believe a price freeze should be in place so that households can be certain that their fuel costs won’t suddenly increase.”

“In the meantime there are also a number of steps that they can be taken to make homes ‘ready for winter’ to help reduce fuel bills this winter.”

British Gas are urging customers to insulate their homes with free loft and cavity wall insulation available to 90% of homes that need it. It is estimated that loft insulation can save bill payers up to £145 a year and cavity wall insulation up to £150 a year.

It is also important to shop around to get the best tariff and try to see if there is any additional support that you may be entitled to. The Warm Home Discount has been provided to 38,000 British Gas customers in Wales last year to help households with their fuel bills.

Lynda Campbell, Regional Director of British Gas in Wales said, “We know that household budgets are tight and many people will be concerned about their winter energy bill. There is help available, and we urge customers to get in touch to find out what advice and support is on offer.”

“In the long term, energy efficiency is still the best way to save money on bills. British Gas is pleased to be working with the UK Government to roll out help much more widely – 90 per cent of homes that need insulation can now get it for free, and you don’t need to be a British Gas customer to sign up. We’d advise everyone to find out if their home needs help to avoid missing out.”