EU Exit Would Threaten Tens of Thousands in North East Wales MP Warns

Mark Tami MP spoke passionately in a Westminster Hall debate this week regarding the importance of safeguarding the future of Airbus in the constituency.

The Alyn & Deeside MP raised concerns that leaving the EU would mean that countries such as Spain and Germany would be in a stronger position to win bids for future Airbus contracts as they would remain within the EU.

Airbus employs 6,000 people at the Broughton site and thousands of other jobs in North East Wales are dependent on supplying the Broughton factory with parts and services.

Speaking after the debate Mark Tami said, ‘Tens of thousands of jobs in the local area are dependent on Airbus so we cannot rest on our laurels and become complacent about the importance of having them based here and ignore the challenges they face. ‘

‘Sadly Flintshire has felt the effects of losing big manufacturing companies in the past and we would not want that to happen again but exiting the EU would threaten this as we would be on the outside of the market looking in.’

Mark Tami MP was joined by several other MPs during the debate who spoke about the importance of the future of the aerospace industry in the UK and his comments were reinforced by Peter Luff Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire who led the debate and strongly agreed that exiting the EU would have particular impact on the aerospace industry.