Mark Tami MP Seeks Assurance about Supermarket Proposal

Mark Tami MP has contacted Flintshire County Council regarding concerns that planning permission for a supermarket in Buckley will be looked at in conjunction with one in Broughton.

The Alyn & Deeside MP has written to Flintshire County Council to seek assurances that this is not the case following comments that the application for an Aldi on the site of the Potter’s Wheel in Buckley would be considered at part of a joint application with Broughton.

Mark said, ‘This application has to be considered on its own merits. I along with the Councillors in Buckley have long been campaigning for a supermarket in the area as it is utterly ridiculous that Buckley, a town with 17,000 people living in it, have such limited choice.’

He continued, ‘I am aware that this application has a lot of support in the town and I am hopeful that Buckley will benefit from this development.’