Mark Tami MP Supports Campaign to Increase Numbers on the Stem Cell Register

Mark Tami MP is supporting the Anthony Nolan campaign to get more people aged between 16-30 to sign up to the stem cell register.

Statistics sent from the Anthony Nolan charity has found that there are 484 people in Alyn & Deeside who have signed up to the register making the constituency 525th out of 650.

The Alyn & Deeside MP said, ‘It’s great that 484 people aged 16-30 have signed up to the register but the challenge continues. This is an issue I am passionate about and it is truly selfless to give a stranger a second chance at life’

‘Currently two thirds of people who have blood cancer cannot find a match within their own families and have to find an unrelated donor. It is simple to sign up but a match could lead to saving the life of a person who has blood cancer.’

If you would like more information on the Anthony Nolan campaign and how to join the register visit