Mark Tami MP Supports Campaign to Check for the Warning Signs of Heart Problems in Babies

Mark Tami MP is supporting the ‘Think HEART’ campaign which tells parents of the warning signs of possible heart problems in babies.

The campaign run by the Children’s Heart Federation highlights the five signs to spot a heart problem.

H – Heart Rate (Is their heart rate too fast or too slow. Normal rate is between 100 to 160 beats per minute)

E – Energy (Are they sleepy, quiet and too tired to feed)

A – Appearance (Is your baby a pale, waxy, dusky, blue or grey colour)

R – Respiration (Are they breathing too fast or too slow. Normal rate is between 40 to 60 breaths per minute)

T – Temperature (Are they cold to touch – particularly their hands and feet)

Mark Tami MP said, ‘It is vital that parents know what the signs to look out for and this simple acronym is an easy to way to remember how to spot the signs of a heart problem.’