Mark Tami MP Condemns Ban on Books

Mark Tami MP has condemned the decision by the Justice Minister, Chris Grayling, to ban books being sent to prisons.

The Justice Minister’s new books policy bans prisoners from receiving books from their friends and family despite literacy levels in prisons being that of an 11 year old for two fifths of the population.

The Alyn & Deeside MP said, ‘Nobody disputes that those people sent to prison should be punished for committing a serious crime but to ban prisoners from receiving books highlights just how little importance this Government places on education and rehabilitation.’

‘The Government excused this policy because of banned items being sent into prisons but the solution to the problem would be to screen items not to ban books. To think that a Government would choose to restrict education for prisoners in this way is reminiscent of a Dickensian prison system and does nothing prevent offenders re-offending and in turn people becoming victims of crime.’