Mark Tami MP has spoken out against Badger Culls

Mark Tami MP has spoken out against badger culls in a Parliamentary debate last week and is calling on the Government to release a report by the Independent Expert Panel into the two pilot badger culls which took place last year.

The Alyn & Deeside MP raised concerns that the pilot badger culls were carried out despite a lack of evidence.

Mark said after the debate, ‘The Government needs to release the report by the Independent Expert Panel but so far have failed to do so. There is a very real fear that they will continue to press ahead with this policy which could see up to 40 more culls take place.

He continued, ‘In Wales we have a vaccination programme which was set up by the Welsh Assembly Government. I believe that the UK Government should adopt a similar approach to tackle this devastating disease.’

The two culls took place in Gloucestershire and Somerset and reports indicate that both culls failed to achieve their target of 70% badger reduction and also failed on the humaneness test which stated that only 5% of badgers should take longer than five minutes to die.