Mark Tami MP Attends School Science Experiment Launch

Mark Tami MP joined EDF Energy and the British Science Association to promote the launch of a new initiative, The Great EDF Energy Experiment, to inspire children in Alyn & Deeside into science.

The Great EDF Energy Experiment is a new five-year initiative launched in partnership with the British Science Association, aimed at inspiring a new generation of science enthusiasts.

The five-year programme aims to work with over 100,000 children, their parents and teachers to participate in a series of live, breakthrough mass participation experiments that address real scientific questions.

Mark Tami MP said, ‘This is a wonderful opportunity for children to get involved in an interesting science experiment and I would encourage all schools in Alyn & Deeside to sign up and take part.’

The first experiment in this five year initiative – The Big Bumblebee Discovery – will launch in Spring 2014. It will be led by ecologists Dr Helen Roy and Dr Michael Pocock from the Centre for Hydrology & Ecology. It will seek to ‘recruit’ thousands of children and parents to act as scientific researchers this summer. They will be asked to count the number of bumblebees they spot in their garden, school playground or local park. The results will be used by researchers from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology to map bumblebee numbers across Britain and what impact changing population numbers have on crop pollination. The experiment will help answer questions around climate and environmental change.

Schools in Alyn & Deeside can sign up to take part in the experiment by logging on to