Mark Tami Discusses Greater Support for Children with Cancer

Mark Tami had a productive meeting with Welsh Assembly Education and Skills Minister Huw Lewis on Monday.

The Alyn & Deeside MP met with Huw Lewis to discuss education for children with cancer. A report by Clic Sargeant looked into the educational support that children who have cancer need.

Mark who has previously led a debate in Parliament on this topic said: ‘It is not just educational support that it required but also social support. A child with cancer has to deal not only with the illness but also the impact that it has on their school life. There is a real fear for many pupils that they will fall behind with their studies and also that their friends will move on.’

Mark met with Huw Lewis on Monday to discuss this in more detail as he supports a more unformed approach by schools to support children with cancer.

Mark said, ‘The meeting was very productive and I believe that Huw listened to the concerns that I raised.  Schools do want to support children who are diagnosed with cancer but often there is a lack of understanding of how to do this. I hope that by talking to the Education Minister, schools can be given the tools to support children who are diagnosed with cancer.’