MP Urges People Not to Drink and Drive Over the Festive Period

Mark Tami MP is urging residents in Alyn & Deeside to leave their cars at home if they plan on drinking over the festive period.

The Alyn & Deeside MP is supporting the North Wales Police Anti Drink and Drug Driving campaign.

Mark Tami MP said, ‘The message is clear, if you want to drink do not drive. Many people have died or been seriously injured on our roads and I am aware that December is one of busiest months for drink drive arrests.’

In North Wales 842 people have been arrested for being over the legal limit and 12% of killed or seriously injured causalities are as a result of drink driving.

Mark added, ‘Drink driving ruins lives not only for the driver when they are caught but also any other road users or pedestrians that happen to be near them.’