Mark Tami MP Meets with Flintshire Firm MoneySuperMarket

Mark Tami MP met with Flintshire based company, MoneySuperMarket, in Parliament this week. The company, based in Ewloe, was highlighting how Alyn & Deeside compares to the national average for both home and car insurance cost.

Mark Tami MP said, ‘Companies such as MoneySuperMarket do a good job in highlighting to people which insurers offer the best deals on insurance. This is especially important in such a tough economic climate where people may feel they have to run the risk of not having home insurance because of the cost.’

The average home insurance in Alyn & Deeside is similar to the national average but drivers in the area may find that car insurance is cheaper. The local average for car insurance was nearly £100 less than the national average but young drivers could find that the cost of their insurance is more expensive. Information provided by MoneySuperMarket highlighted that young male drivers in the area paid an average of £1,448 for insurance and young women were charged an average of £1,217, in the second quarter of 2013, which compares to £1,297 and £1,103 respectively for the national average.

Mark Tami MP added, ‘It is great that car insurance is cheaper in Alyn & Deeside than the national average but it is disappointing that our young drivers are being penalised so heavily. Such high premiums could tempt some young drivers to drive without insurance, which is not only illegal but has negative consequences for other road users. Not just if they are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver but it also increases the cost of insurance for all road users, it is therefore important that insurers make sure that it is affordable for young people to drive.’