Mark Tami supports Smaller Properties Programme

Mark Tami MP for Alyn and Deeside is pleased that the Welsh Assembly Government has stepped in to try and help ease the burden that the Bedroom Tax is placing on many households in Britain.

Housing Minister, Carl Sargeant AM, has announced a Smaller Properties Programme which will provide £20 million to help Registered Social Landlords in Wales build smaller affordable properties in Wales.

Mark Tami MP said, ‘This programme is good news for Flintshire, we currently have 1,477 households affected by the bedroom tax but there is only a limited number of smaller properties available for people to move in to.’

‘This tax, which has been brought in by the Coalition Government, hurts the most vulnerable people and this money will help ease some of the difficulties that many households in our area are facing due to the cuts which are being implemented.’

Carl Sargeant AM said: “Bedroom tax is already hitting families in North Wales hard, based on the number of people accessing help and advice on how to deal with the extra expense they are now facing.  Flintshire residents have already reported losses to their household incomes totalling thousands.

“We all know the continuing devastating impact this will have on the poorest members of our society and while we will be unable to offset this completely, the £20m set aside by the Welsh Labour Government to build smaller affordable homes will offer some families a lifeline.”

It is estimated that Flintshire will receive £848,723 from the Welsh Assembly Government initiative.