MP urges more support for children with medical conditions in schools

Mark Tami MP for Alyn and Deeside has spoken out in the recent Children and Families Bill in Parliament concerning the need for schools to provide more support for children with medical conditions. There has been a recent campaign in Parliament by health groups who feel that there is a lack of understanding of medical conditions in school and the additional needs that pupils may have.

Mark Tami MP said, ‘Speaking to families I am aware that many parents are concerned that their children do not receive the educational support that they require or that schools do not have the facilities or knowledge to assist them with their condition.’

He is also concerned that there is no obligation on schools to explain to pupils what has happened if a fellow pupil gets diagnosed with a medical condition and this can lead to bullying or lead to pupils being frightened as they do not understand what has happened.

Mark said, ‘Often, if left unexplained pupils can feel jealous that their classmate appears to receive preferential treatment, such as eating in class or taking extra days off and in some cases this can lead to bullying. I am also aware that pupils can become frightened if their friend has an illness that they do not understand, especially if the pupils appearance changes or they have to inject themselves. It is therefore vital that teachers are given the knowledge required to assure pupils about what is happening.’

Mark Tami is going to take this issue to the Welsh Assembly Government and discuss with Education and Skills Minister, Leighton Andrews AM, the importance of schools understanding the needs of children with medical conditions.