Local MPs meet with Airbus Apprentices

Mark Tami MP for Alyn & Deeside and Ian Lucas MP for Wrexham met with apprentices from Airbus in the House of commons this week.

Airbus apprentices, Devon Sumner, Eleri Cooling anAirbus apprenticesd James Sixsmith were joined by Mark Tami and Ian Lucas where they talked about the role of apprenticeships within the UK Aerospace industry.

Mark Tami MP said, ‘Airbus is an excellent example of company that invests in young people and trains them with the skills needed for the sector. In this tough economic environment it is important that companies promote young people in this way.’

Ian Lucas MP said, ‘Airbus is a major employer for my constituents – both directly and through the supply chain it creates in North East Wales. I am delighted the company is continuing its proud tradition of training apprentices and it was great to meet some of them in Parliament.’

 The event, which was held by the ADS Group, follows the launch of the joint industry and Government strategy for the future of UK aerospace through the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP), celebrated the valuable contribution of apprentices.

 Paul Everitt, chief executive of aerospace trade organisation ADS Group commented: “The UK aerospace industry is the largest in Europe and second only to the US globally. It employs around 230,000 workers both directly and indirectly. Around 3,000 of these are apprentices.  The future of the aerospace sector rests in the hands of this bright young talent.”