Local MP supports Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade2Mark Tami, MP for Alyn & Deeside, met with Frank Olok, Coordinator of Malawi Fairtrade Network, to hear about the challenges facing smallholder farmers during Fairtrade Fortnight (25 February – 10 March).

The Fairtrade Foundation has launched a new campaign for Fairtrade Fortnight calling for urgent action to support the 500m smallholder farmers who produce 70% of the world’s food, but are currently half the world’s hungry people.  Frank Olok is presenting a copy of the report to launch the campaign, Powering up Smallholder Farmers to Make Food Fair, to Mark Tami.

The campaign launches a five-point agenda for action and is calling on David Cameron to use his influence, when the UK hosts the G8 summit in Northern Ireland in June, to put smallholder farmers into the heart of governments’ trade policy and international and national business practice. 

Mark Tami said, ‘It is important that farmers receive a fair wage for the food that they produce and I urge the UK Government to promote Fairtrade internationally so that the challenges that small farmers face can be targeted globally.’

Frank Olok, whose network in Malawi represents around 10 Fairtrade producer organisation with a joint membership of 22,000 farmers explains:’ The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about the daily plight of farmers in developing countries who are amongst the poorest people in the world. Despite growing most of the world’s food they still struggle to make a sustainable living, get access to finance and improve their and their communities’ economic, and, social situation.’