Alyn and Deeside MP meets with FairFuelUK

FairFuelUK1Local MP Mark Tami met with Quentin Willson and his FairFuelUK team in the House of Commons to discuss a better deal for motorists.

Mark Tami MP said, “The Government needs to recognise that the increased cost of fuel is hurting many households across the UK. It is a ridiculous situation when households are paying more for fuel than they are for food and unfortunately the Government decision to increase VAT to 20% has increased the cost of fuel by around 3p per litre.”

Quentin Wilson said, “Families and businesses are struggling under the dead weight of paying 80p per litre in combined VAT and Fuel Duty.  This is hurting families, damaging businesses and holding back growth.  Our research shows that high fuel costs are the nation’s Number 1 financial priority.  The Chancellor needs to be bold and cut fuel duty in his Budget.”

FairFuelUK has commissioned research which shows that a cut in Fuel Duty will lead to growth in the economy.