Mark Tami MP pledges support for campaign to stop DSG sell-off

DSG Sell OffAlyn and Deeside MP, Mark Tami, has pledged his support for the campaign to stop the sell- off of Defence and Support Group (DSG) in Sealand. The Flintshire MP met with workers from DSG Sealand who are campaigning to stop the proposed sell-off.

DSG offers a specialised service for the maintenance and repair of armed services vehicles and machinery. The proposed sell-off could place up to 2,800 workers at direct risk of losing their jobs across the UK.

Mark Tami MP said, “I fully support the campaign to ensure that DSG remains in public ownership. It provides vital support services to our armed forces which could not be effectively provided by the private sector.  

The campaign highlights the vital work that DSG do for the armed forces, especially for the troops in Afghanistan where due to the terrain the machinery requires vital maintenance to keep it safe and operational and they fear that any sell-off would lead to the breakup of such a service.