Mark Tami Praises Airbus Plant during Westminster Debate

Airbus in BroughtonMark Tami MP for Alyn and Deeside praised the Airbus plant in Broughton during a debate in Westminster Hall on the Aerospace Industry.

The plant which specialises in the manufacturing of wings was commended for being, ‘the centre of wing excellence, not only for the UK but globally.’

It has recently emerged that the parent company of Airbus EADS is currently in talks about a possible merger with the UK defence contractor BA systems. Whilst only in talks it is thought that this consolidation would secure jobs rather than lead to job losses.

During the debate Mark Tami MP also highlighted the need for investment in the industry. Despite being the second largest manufacturer he raised concerns over threats from growing industries in other countries such as Russia and Brazil. He added that one area where investment was needed was in composites which is the new method to build aircrafts as they ensure that they are lighter and more fuel efficient. Despite some investment in the area he stated, ‘we need to invest more if we are to bridge the gap that is still there.’