MP Backs Clamp Down on Ticket Touts

The resale of tickets for sporting and cultural events at sky high prices could become a thing of the past thanks to a new Bill making its way through Parliament.

Local MP Mark Tami has thrown his backing behind the ‘ticket touting’ Bill, which is being promoted by North East MP Sharon Hodgson.

The rapid rise of online ticket sales for most major gigs and sporting events has lead to the creation of a huge market for secondary tickets with some specialist organisations offering front row seats for hundreds of pounds a time. The new Bill will seek to prevent the organised resale of tickets for profit by stopping anybody from selling tickets greatly above face value.

It is hoped that these measures will encourage the further growth of popular regulated ticket exchange websites where fans can swap or sell tickets to each other at face value and ensure that everybody has an equal chance of getting to the gig or game of their dreams.

Mr Tami said: “I know youngsters in my constituency who save up their wages for weeks on end in order to be able to afford tickets to see big acts.

“We need to make sure that it is the genuine fans who are getting hold of tickets as well as making sure that all of the profits from such events find their way back to the artists or sports involved – not the back pocket of an online rogue trader who simply uses them to buy more tickets for more events and hike up prices even further.

“Families in my constituency save up for months to be able to afford to see their heroes live and I want to give them back a fair shot at getting hold of tickets by stopping people snapping them all up on the day they go on sale and then selling them on for a small fortune.”