Mark Calls for End to Daylight Robbery

Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami is backing calls for the Prime Minister to help cut carbon emissions by switching Britain’s time zones.

Mr Tami is supporting the latest campaign by lobby group 10:10 to switch Britain’s summer time to GMT+2, which would see daylight remain until after 11pm during mid-summer.

In the winter a switch to GMT+1 would also offer lighter evenings.

He said: “The 10:10 campaign predicts such a change could help generate 80,000 new jobs in the leisure industry and save half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

“The value to the economy could be as much as £3.5 billion and people with Seasonal Affective Disorder would be benefit considerably from increased daylight.

“To begin with we could switch to GMT+1 in the summer and assess its success, with an abolition of the switch in winter months.

“The time has come to save daylight, not just for economic and health reasons, but also to help the environment.

“I hope David Cameron will give this serious attention and join the growing number of people who agree Britain needs to review summer and winter times.”