Mark Backs Bond on Fois Gras

Mark has welcomed news that former 007 star Sir Roger Moore has succeeded in his latest animal cruelty campaign.

Mr Tami said the news that Selfridges has stopped selling foie gras is a major step forward in ending the sale of the notoriously cruel delicacy in Britain.
He added: “The campaign group People’s Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been successful in pressing Selfridges to stop selling fois gras.

“Their chief campaigner Sir Roger Moore has been personally assured that fois gras will no longer be sold in their stores and this will certainly help in ending the supply of this delicacy of despair to the UK.
“The former Bond star has once again proven to be an outstanding advocate for animal rights and I am delighted that the supply of fois gras to the UK is being tightened.”

Fois gras is produced by force feeding geese with corn to produce a unique liver pate. In total, 5,000 PETA supporters pressed Selfridges to end the sale of the product.