Support for Gaza Needed

Alyn and Deeside MP Mark Tami today welcomed the Government’s announcement of a further £20 million to help rebuild Gaza and to provide humanitarian assistance.

Mr Tami said the extra funding would be crucial to help provide food, water, shelter and medical supplies for Palestinians, who have been pounded by Israeli gunships.

Mr Tami said: “People in Flintshire have been appalled by the violence and suffering they have witnessed on their TV screens during the last three weeks. It is vital that the ceasefire holds, so that the UN can use this latest funding from the British Government.

“Fuel is desperately needed for power stations so that hospitals can function again, peoples homes can be heated and lit, and access to safe water can be re-established.

“It is a shocking fact that while 8 children died in the terrorist attacks of 9/11, some 400 Palestinian children have been killed since Christmas in Gaza. There are reports of war crimes on both sides and I am calling for Israel to allow independent investigators into the region to establish whether charges should be brought against anyone.”

The additional £20 million contribution will be used to allocate funds to emerging humanitarian priorities, making them available to UN agencies and non-governmental organisations working in Gaza.