Mark hails coffee campaign

Mark Tami has welcomed a pledge by a national coffee shop to donate a full day’s profits to charity.

Mr Tami also said other large corporations should follow the lead taken by Costa Coffee in donating their profits on June 14th to good causes.

Mr Tami said: “Costa Coffee is donating every penny of profit from June 14th to charity. This is a considerable sum and an enormous gesture of goodwill.
“Costa Coffee’s actions are also precisely what other corporations should be doing to win the moral support of their customers.

“Perhaps large-scale supermarkets could contribute a day’s profits to poor farmers at home and abroad, while the big pharmaceutical companies could donate a day’s profits to the cost of HIV treatments in the developing world.”
Costa Coffee will donate the profits from June 14th to coffee growing regions to help build classrooms and obtain clean water supplies.

Mr Tami said: “What happens far away has an effect on us. Likewise, choosing to go to Costa Coffee on June 14th could have a major impact on the lives of people living in South American and African communities.”