Mark welcomes plan for enhanced border controls

Plans to improve security at UK borders and eliminate abuse of immigration rules have been welcomed by Alyn & Deeside MP Mark Tami.

All visitors to Britain requiring a visa are now having their fingerprints taken in a bid to further reduce illegal immigration. In addition, by Christmas every single foreign national will be counted in and out of Britain, which will prevent visitors from overstaying.

Mr Tami said: “Embarkation officers were removed in a cost-cutting exercise back in 1996, but I am delighted to see them returning.

“I am also pleased that powers to automatically deport foreign nationals will be activated within the next 200 days and that spot fines for employers who fail to carry out proper checks on employees will come in force in less than 60 days.

“A new points system for managing migration will be introduced in fewer than 80 days and frontline staff at immigration control centres will have police-like powers by the end of April.

“By the autumn Britain will have a vastly increased capacity for detaining foreign nationals who have or are seeking to breaking immigration rules, while compulsory ID cards will be implemented for all foreign nationals seeking to stay here by November.

“The improvements to UK border control are being introduced three months early and will massively strengthen our borders. They will also place fairness at the very centre of immigration policy, allowing genuine individuals to come here while keeping Britain safe from people who wish to take advantage of our hospitality.”