Backing given for donor overhaul

Alyn & Deeside MP Mark Tami has backed the Prime Minister’s call for an overhaul of the UK organ donor network.

The Government is aiming to emulate Spain’s successful model of organ donations through recruiting twice as many transplant co-ordinators and creating 24-hour retrieval teams.

Mr Tami said: “This could be bolstered by a change to presumed consent, which Gordon Brown supports.

“It would put the onus on people to opt out of organ donation, instead of opting in.”
A series of other measures to save lives through enhancing our transplant network will soon be unveiled and I look forward to many more successful transplants as a result.

“A system of presumed consent would save a huge number of lives and ensure that many deaths are not in vein. Life is very precious and organ donation is the greatest gift a person can give.”
Mr Tami carries a Donor Card and said he hoped presumed consent would also help eliminate the illicit international in human organs.

He added: “I know what a parent, child or partner would do to save their loved ones, which is why I carry a Donor Card. It gives some comfort knowing that if the worst was to happen to me, at least someone else might realise a life they would otherwise not have.”