MP and Corrie Star Say “Claim Your New Pension Credit”

Mark Tami MP has joined forces with actress Liz Dawn, AKA Vera Duckworth and the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions to urge Alyn & Deeside pensioners to claim the new Pension Credit.

Launching the campaign to encourage take up of the Pension Credit, Mr Tami said, “From October the new Pension Credit will help thousands of pensioners in Flintshire. I am delighted that one of Britain’s best loved pensioners is supporting my campaign to make sure people get the money that they deserve.

For years the system has short changed millions of pensioners who’ve managed to save a little. In the past they found that savings or works pensions they’d built up were knocked straight off their benefits – leaving them no better off than someone who hasn’t saved at all.

The new Pension Credit will put this unfairness right – making it clear that it pays to save.”

Under the new system, pensioner couples with a total income of up to nearly £204 a week and single pensioners with an income of £139 or less can expect to qualify from October.

Mark Tami MP added, “Half of local pensioner households stand to gain an average £8 extra a week with Pension Credit. It will get more money to those who need it most.

Any Alyn & Deeside pensioners that want advice on the pension credit can write to me at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or call the Pension Credit application line on 0800 991234.”

The new credit comes on top of a rise of nearly £2 a week in the basic state pension and the winter fuel allowance, which will be paid again this year at £200 to all pensioner households, this year with an extra £100 for the over 80s. All pensioners over 75 are also entitled to a free TV license.