MP welcomes Budget for pensioners in Alyn & Deeside

Mark Tami MP has welcomed the Budget unveiled today by Chancellor Gordon Brown as “good news for children, families and pensioners here in Alyn & Deeside”

The local MP was commenting after listening to the Chancellor deliver the Budget which gave pensioners aged 70 and over £100 to help with their council tax bills.

Mr Tami said: “Today’s Budget delivered a boost for pensioners in Alyn & Deeside. Gordon Brown announced today that pensioners aged 70 or over are set to receive an extra £100 to help with their council tax bills. Together with the Winter Fuel Payment pensioners aged 70 or over will receive £300 and those aged 80 or over will receive a total of £400 this year.

The Budget also confirmed that the National Minimum Wage is set to rise to £4.85 this October and that for the first time ever 16 and 17 year olds will be entitled to a National Minimum Wage of £3.00 from this October as well.”

The Chancellor stressed that Britain can only go ahead with these decisions because we have managed to avoid the global recession that has affected every other major economy. For the first time, because of the Government’s tough decisions to bear down on inflation and get the public finances on a proper footing, the UK weathered the global economic storm and continued to grow.

Mark Tami MP added, “Today inflation is at its lowest for thirty years, mortgage rates are their lowest for thirty years and new figures today show that employment has increased by 1.8 million with unemployment falling by 38% in Alyn and Deeside since 1997. New jobs are now created at three times the rate they were in the 70s, 80s and early 90s.”