Christmas Card winner and class mates visit Westminister

2003 Christmas Card winner Laura Mewes was accompanied by over fifty class mates and teachers in an action packed visit to the Houses of Parliament last week.

The group from Mountain Lane Primary School in Buckley was led by head teacher Mr Hefin Parry and enjoyed a tour around the Palace of Westminster, taking in the House of Lords Chamber, the Royal Gallery, Central Lobby and Westminster Hall.

Laura and her friend Hannah were then given the special treat of going into the House of Commons gallery to watch Prime Ministers Questions take place.

Mark Tami MP said of the visit, “I am glad that both the children and their teachers enjoyed the visit. It is always good for young people from Alyn and Deeside to get a taste of how Parliament works. I was especially pleased that I was able to ask a question of Prime Minister Tony Blair when Laura and Hannah were sat watching.”

In addition to the tour, the group of year 6 pupils took part in a discussion in one of the House of Commons’ Committee Rooms. After learning a bit about parliament and MP Mark Tami’s role, the children enthusiastically participated in a quiz, followed by a session on what they would do if they were Prime Minister for the day.

Mr Tami added, “I was impressed to learn of the children’s knowledge of politics and the impressive suggestions of what they would do if they were Prime Minister. There was certainly a number of future MPs and prospective Prime Ministers amongst the group.”

Laura’s winning Christmas card was sent to a number of local, national and international addresses, including the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.