Fireworks restriction takes a step closer

The misery caused by the misuse of fireworks is set to come to a welcome end as Bill Tynan’s Fireworks Bill was resoundingly approved by MPs and Peers late on Monday night.

Irresponsible sales and use of fireworks, which terrify people and pets alike will be stopped under the bill, while still allowing families to continue to enjoy organised public firework displays.

Alyn & Deeside MP has welcomed the bill’s success, “It is high time that new legislation is brought in to stop the nuisance of misused fireworks. I have had over 700 Alyn & Deeside residents sign my petition calling for greater restriction on the sale and use of fireworks, so I know it is a problem that affects many local people.

Lack of licensing of retail outlets, periods of sale and noise levels, together with problems with importation, distribution and storage, all contribute to the nuisance of fireworks. MPs are not trying to be killjoys, the Bill will promote and help to ensure the responsible use of fireworks by limiting the hours of the day, confining general sale to the public to a relatively short period before 5th November.

The introduction of a two tier licensing system will recognise the need for fireworks to be available under strict conditions throughout the year to accommodate the range of cultural festivities in this country.”

Late night bangs will be banished under the Fireworks Bill which also outlaws the nosiest of fireworks. Youths will no longer be able to buy fireworks and local authorities will be able to refuse and revoke licences of irresponsible retailers.