Pensions and Child Benefit from the Post Office

From this month onwards the Government is changing the way that you receive either pensions or child benefit by paying them direct into your account but you can still collect them from the Post Office, says Mark Tami MP.

The Alyn & Deeside MP explains,

“The new changes mean that state pension and benefit order books are being phased out, instead payments will be paid directly into an account – by direct debit. If you already have your money paid into an account this doesn’t effect you but, if it does, there are three types of account that will enable you to continue to withdraw your state pension in cash, free of charge at any Post Office branch.

If anyone wants advice about which banks and building societies offer accounts with free cash withdrawal at the post office, then they can contact me on 01244 819854 and I will send them all the information they need.”

Local people can use a current account or basic bank account from a bank/building society or a Post Office card account from the Post Office. This new direct payment won’t effect everyone straightaway, it will take a couple of years but by 2005 people receiving state pension and benefits will do so directly into an account of their choice. The Pension Service or Social Security Agency will write to people to let them know when the changes will effect them and asking for account details.

Mr Tami added, “Collecting your pension in cash at the Post Office is good for proprietors and local people alike, enabling people to take advantage of the other valuable services on offer – buying stamps, paying bills or paying for your home insurance in cash instalments. The Post Office is significant on a social as well as practical level in our local communities.”